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Stay one step ahead – always.

See what’s running on the market, gain strategic insights, and test service compliance – all with a single tool.

Ad monitoring

Monitor complete advertising flows – from ads to landing pages – to get valuable insights into market trends, uncover competitors’ strategies, and discover new business opportunities.

Service testing

Test services targeted to both desktop and mobile (3G/4G, WiFi and carrier traffic) using real devices placed in various countries and get reliable results that will ensure regulatory compliance.

If your business is online, you need AdInvestigate.

Behind every successful business there is data.


Every advertiser wants to see their marketing dollars produce results. AdInvestigate helps you invest smarter by providing detailed market insights upon which you can build better strategies. Maintain good business reputation by monitoring which affiliates are promoting your offers and how. Find out what’s trending on the market, uncover competitors’ strategies, and easily discover new opportunities that can grow your business.

Publishers & Ad Networks

Get the best deals by adapting your strategies to the latest market trends and preferences of your business partners. Analyze your current partners and competitors to discover new business opportunities, such as potential partners, promising markets, and more. With AdInvestigate, you can easily find out what’s working on the market and create the best offer for each partner.

Affiliate Networks & Media Buyers

Successful strategies are based on fresh and reliable data. Having a good view of affiliate landscape enables you to learn how your competitors are advertising, find new business partners, and identify available inventory. AdInvestigate gives you detailed ad intelligence data that helps you pinpoint market trends and use that knowledge to optimize your own strategies.

Service Providers

With AdInvestigate, you can easily check which affiliates are promoting your services, how they are doing it, and which ad networks are sending them traffic. Test the compliance of your own or competitors’ services and record the entire flow. This allows you to provide clean services, avoid risks, and maintain good business reputation.

Mobile Carriers

Reduce risk and keep customer trust by thoroughly testing service compliance. Identify fraud and legally document compliance breaches through an end-to-end testing process. Maintaining customer trust and good reputation helps you drive long-term revenues and keep your business on top of the game.


AdInvestigate provides all the data you need to make the most out of each client’s campaign. See what’s trending on the market and achieve great ad performance with less money and time. Discover potential clients and win them over with data-driven pitches. Show your clients that they can put their trust into your agency by bringing them the best results – every time.

The best ad intelligence tool on the market

Take a look at some of its features:

Global coverage

View campaigns from 190+ countries desktop and 65+ countries mobile.

Banners and landing pages

Get all banner and landing page details, including their screenshots.

Pop-ups and redirects

View complete advertising flow, including all pop-ups and redirects.

Complete ad flow

Store and reproduce all clicks and view ad flows on both video and printouts.

Search by various filters

Filter ads by dimensions, networks, publishers, landing pages and more.

Actionable insights

Get the most business value out of your data and use it to boost your business.

Market trends

Learn what’s trending on the market and adapt strategies to the best practices.

Global testing of services

Test service compliance with real devices placed in various countries.

Simple GUI

Get all the information you need fast and easy via a simple, user-friendly interface.

Real devices.

Real results.

AdInvestigate is unique on the market because it uses real devices for testing. This means that you can test anything, anywhere, and get the same results your target audience would get. To make things even better, it supports both WiFi and carrier traffic. Service testing has never been easier and more reliable.

Knowledge is power - know your market

No other tool gives you market insights like AdInvestigate. Supercharge your business with the unique ad intelligence tool and invest into what’s working.

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